We love to shop at Mygrafico

We love to shop at Mygrafico

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I wanted to make a scrap page that shows how much my youngest son loves his dad. He is always waiting for him at the window. One evening around Christmas I caught the action on camera. I finally scrapped the page. It is so special to me.. I hope you enjoy the journalism.

This was a long day for you Ian.

You sat in front of this window for hours waiting for daddy to come home.

You didn't understand why daddy had to go to work so close to the holiday.

So much excitement going on.

You would say "Were is my daddy"?

Back to the window you would stand looking out waiting Patiently.

On the envelope is written in Ian's words.

My daddy should be home soon. Mom come sit with me. We will wait together.

It won't be long. Look mom I am still waiting for my daddy. He will be so happy to see me when he gets home. I just know it..

Inside the letter has mommies words

Yes he will be so happy to see you when he comes home.

Daddy won't be home for a while.

Come away from the window and help me with dinner.

Daddy will be happy if you did that too.

Ok ! you sit there as long as you want.

I will join you when I am done here.

Look daddy came home before dinner is fixed.

Now you and daddy can play until it's time to eat.

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